Are you an audio engineer with a smart phone?  

Then you should know about these apps!  Although your phone doesn’t really have the hardware to perform some of these tasks as well as the pro audio gear version of what the apps emulate, it’s still handy to have these apps ready.  They are useful in a pinch, and can give you a good idea of what you’re working with.    


Good Tuners 

This might seem obvious, but a good tuning app is a must.  What’s on my phone you ask?  Well how nice of you to ask!  I’ve been using gStrings for a while now.  I've heard artists swear by it, claiming it’s more reliable than some paid tuners, and it’s worked just fine for me.

RTA Analyzers 

I definitely used this one more often when I was doing live sound.  But, it’s still useful for recording.  A good RTA app allows you to see the frequency balance in your space.  The one I use is called RTA Analyzer.  The basic app comes free, and there’s a paid pro version.  Of course, my use of this one becomes rarer and rarer because of plugins with built in RTA frequency analyzers.


SPL Meters

A sound pressure level meter is great to have around to measure your live sound output, to know at what level you’re mixing, and to know your parties aren’t above legal limits.  Sound Meter by Smart Tools seems to be a decent one here.  People also swear by SPLnFFT, but I wasn’t able to find it for my Droid.  Of course, your phone hardware seriously limits how well these apps are physically able to perform, but they can still be handy.  For more suggestions, you can check out this Gear Slutz thread.  

Ear Training Tools 

Bored at the doctor’s office?  Stuck in the subway?  Waiting for a ride?  Pull out some headphones and your trusty new ear training app!  It’s a great way to develop your ears and advance your career potential.  I recommend Ear Beater and Perfect Ear 2.  Quizztones and hearEQ are good one because they have frequency specific quizzes tailored towards engineers, but what do you guys recommend?

So there you go, happy app hunting!  Let me know if you guys find anything good.  

Questions?  Comments?

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This article written by Cato.