Aidan Cunningham

Heavy Rock Mix Deconstruction



Irish engineer Aidan Cunningham brings you this fantastic Heavy Rock mix deconstruction.

   75 Minutes

   Spanish Subtitles

   5082 Members say this Rocks

Event Description

Aug 07,2017

Music Producer and engineer Aidan will show you all the steps to get a Heavy Rock mix to a final mix stage. Check out many before and after comparisons with and without plugins, that way you can understand not only how but why he did those moves to achieve a great sound. 


In this Episode:

 -See how Aidan configures his Mixing template

 -Aidan processing chain to achieve a great sound for: Drums, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals

- How he virtually gets rid of any bleed that is happening on the drum mics.

- A wide variety of Plug-ins he chooses to use to achieve such a great sounding mix

- How and why he sets up and organizes his Stereo Master Busses

- Shows some of his favorite Plug-in choices, and why he thinks you don’t have to spend hundreds of Dollars to find good plug-ins


Not convinced yet? Check out this free excerpt from the episode:


1) Great Kick Drum sound:

Watch this clip showing what process Aidan uses to achieve such a great sounding Kick, using a variety of Plug-ins including compression, EQ, and even what he does to get rid of almost all of the bleed from his drum microphones.


2) Enhancing the sound with VMR

Watch this click to see how Aidan adds console emulation to some of the tracks to bring that "mixing outside the box" feel. 


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  • I love getting an inside look at watching these masters at work. Their answers to the questions coming in the chat are very informative.
    Carey Calhoun

  • Great! It's amazing to be able to watch real life moments. Congrats to everybody at Pro Studio Live!
    Luis Diaz

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